Payments are increasingly viewed as a series of interrelated systems to be managed and coordinated across traditional organizational silos. Typically, payments represent a significant portion of total revenue for financial institutions and a growing cost for both banks and corporate treasurers. This creates large areas of opportunity and correspondingly large areas of risk for users and providers. The rapid rate of change in payments systems only increases the levels of risk and opportunity.

With deep experience in all forms of paper, electronic, and card based payments systems, Treasury Alliance Group is well equipped to help you make the strategic and operational decisions that create value for your organization. We help our clients create and implement actionable payments strategies that work for today and tomorrow.

  • For banks and other financial institutions we provide payments strategy consulting with an integrated view of products, delivery channels, and customer segments. Focusing on the interrelationship of various segments and products we assist our clients in the development of financial models and dashboards that help them maximize total profitability while minimizing risk and cost. Typical projects include operational assessments and transformation, vulnerability and risk assessments, payments architecture review and design, product development, customer segmentation and profitability analysis. We also provide internal training and procedure documentation.
  • For corporate payments this integrated approach allows us to focus on the ultimate tasks of collections and disbursements while minimizing cost, risk, and operational requirements. Projects range from design of specific disbursement and collection systems to design and implementation of unified payments hubs and include fraud and risk assessments, retail collection systems and vendor/bank selection.
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