Treasury Technology

The objective of our Treasury Technology practice is to help clients evaluate, select and implement appropriate and cost effective technology for treasury applications. There are four steps in our consulting methodology:

  1. Development of business requirements through the use of interviews and web-delivered surveys.
  2. Evaluation of the current state of treasury systems. We work with both systems and treasury in reviewing legacy systems, ERP platforms and existing bank or third party software to determine what should be integrated, upgraded or replaced.
  3. Review of prospective suppliers and other alternatives. We assist treasury in their needs assessment, determining if a third party system or an alternative in-house solution would best meet these needs. Based on our knowledge of treasury systems including capabilities, limitations and costs we will prepare a cost benefit analysis of the various alternatives. We often produce an RFI at this stage to determine the interest and viability of prospective suppliers.
  4. RFP development and vendor selection involves preparing an in-depth RFP for prospective vendors, creating an evaluation methodology and working with treasury and systems to select the best provider. Implementation assistance includes working with the selected vendor or in-house systems team to correctly map and integrate treasury procedures into the new system.

We work to make sure that technology solutions are adapted to meet the needs of treasury. Please visit the Publications page to download articles on treasury technology.