Recent Projects

Our experience ensures practical, realistic solutions that meet each client’s unique requirements.

  • Global treasury structure and bank selection for a privately held technology company

    A multibillion-dollar technology company needed a global treasury structure and banking services to support its rapidly expanding business. We managed a multi-year, multi-phase project and collaborated with the in-house finance team to develop and implement a global treasury organization and banking solution.

  • Treasury risk assessment and workstation review for a leading private equity firm

    A leading private equity firm required a risk assessment of current treasury operations as well as recommendations and documentation for treasury policies appropriate to a firm of its expanding size and cash flow. Our review recommended policies and procedures consistent with their corporate culture and best practices.

  • Banking review for a major insurance broker

    A leading brokerage firm had been expanding rapidly through the acquisition of smaller insurance companies throughout the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. The result was hundreds of legacy bank accounts in an inefficient and costly structure that required rationalization within strict regulatory requirements. We assisted in compiling a database of all existing bank accounts, quantified fees and bank balances, developed a risk management policy and made recommendations for streamlined banking services.

  • Banking arrangements for a global media company

    An internationally recognized media company was moving from the use of distributors to direct sales in Europe and Australia. They required a treasury structure, banking arrangements and integration with their ERP system within an aggressive timetable. Working closely with treasury, IT and tax, Treasury Alliance prepared an RFP for bank services, assisted in bank selection and implementation. Additionally we prepared policies and procedures that enabled treasury to efficiently manage global liquidity and risk.

  • Banking review and bank selection for the US subsidiary of a European multinational

    The $2 billion dollar subsidiary of a Dutch company needed to rationalize banking services and integrate the banking structure of a new acquisition. We helped optimize the bank account arrangements, quantified bank fees and developed the RFP for all US bank services.

  • Working capital bootcamp for global bank

    A leading global bank required “real world” training for their worldwide treasury management and trade finance sales teams. We developed and delivered a program focused on working capital issues from a corporate perspective.

  • Treasury development for two global media companies

    Two large media companies required a treasury for a soon to be operational joint venture. The project involved developing a bank account structure that could handle the money transfer logistics and reporting requirements, preparing a cash forecasting methodology and outlining resource requirements for the new treasury function.

  • European liquidity structure for Fortune 500 multinational

    A diversified manufacturer with more than 100 European operating companies required a more efficient liquidity structure in order to release working capital trapped in subsidiary companies. We worked with the US and European finance teams to develop and implement an efficient banking structure that released more than $50 millions in trapped cash and reduced banking fees.

  • Treasury diagnostic for a middle market service/technology company

    An internationally recognized service company required treasury processes and procedures consistent with their expanding global footprint. We identified opportunities in their banking structure, refined the risk management policy and suggested further automation options for daily cash management and forecasting.