Consultant Value

The decision on whether to hire a consultant is a difficult one. Our clients have told us that our services added value in three areas:

  • Subject Matter Expertise

    Knowledge of commercial practices, payment systems, banking capabilities and regulatory environments gained through “on the ground” working and consulting experience in the countries where clients operate.
    Significant experience in evaluating global and regional treasury requirements, structural options and the associated tax and legal considerations.
    In depth understanding of global, regional and local bank capabilities, services and pricing.
    Wide knowledge and familiarity with third party software applications, vendors and pricing, and in evaluating systems solutions and their relative value.
    Library of best practice information for use in comparisons and benchmarking.

  • Methodology and Experience

    Project management templates incorporating all tasks, timing and resource allocation are used to develop a project plan specific to each client situation.
    Tools including secure extranets, conference capabilities and messaging systems that are deployed quickly and inexpensively.
    Proven techniques for gathering information required for analysis and use by potential vendors are deployed quickly, accurately and with minimal disruption to business operations.
    Templates for data analysis, RFP preparation and vendor evaluation ensure optimal decision-making and facilitate ongoing assessment and review.

  • Objectivity and Focus

    Committed resources bring special focus to the tasks and can significantly reduce time to complete the project and ensure deadlines are met.
    Objective and dedicated team ensures impartial recommendations allowing integration of internal stakeholder issues including accounting, tax, legal, systems and business operations.
    Credible and objective consultants help build the business case based on what is appropriate for the situation.
    Vendors increase client focus; offer more innovative solutions and best terms knowing that their responses are subject to careful and expert review.